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    Stephen (Steve) J. Mojzsis

    Professor of Geology
    Director, Collaborative for Research in Origins (CRiO)
    Department of Geological Sciences
    University of Colorado at Boulder
    2200 Colorado Avenue
    Boulder, Co. 80309-0399
    office: 303-492-5014
    lab: 303-735-5021
    fax: 303-492-2606


    --> Best Wishes to Nicholas Warren (B. Sc. student in our group) who graduated with Latin Honors from our group. Bon Voyage, Nick!
    --> Congratulations to Jonathan Oulton (Ph.D. student in our group) who was awarded a NASA Earth and Space Sciences graduate fellowship! Way to go, Jon!
    --> We are pleased to announce the establishment of CRiO (Collaborative for Research in Origins), funded by The John Templeton Foundation - FfAME origins program.
    --> Jennika Greer defended her M.Sc. thesis and entered the Ph.D. program at University of Chicago's Department of Geophysical Sciences with an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship. We are very proud of you, Jennika! She will be working with Philip Heck on cosmochemical problems.

    RECENT WORK (be sure to check for frequent updates):

  • Late veneer and late accretion to the terrestrial planets Ramon Brasser (ELSI-TiTech, Japan) has worked out the nature and duration of late accretion to the inner planets, under strict geochemical constraints.
  • ANALYSIS OF TERRESTRIAL PLANET FORMATION BY THE GRAND TACK MODEL: SYSTEM ARCHITECTURE AND TACK LOCATION With our friend and colleague Ramon Brasser (ELSI-TiTech, Japan) we have evaluated how the popular Grand Tack model of planet formation responds to changes in initial conditions.
  • Thermodynamics, Disequilibrium, Evolution: Far-From-Equilibrium Geological and Chemical Considerations for Origin-Of-Life Research Laurie Barge and our colleagues report on the results of our workshop at the ELSI Tokyo Institute of Technology on origins of life from a thermodynamical point of view.
  • Sluggish Hadean geodynamics: Evidence from coupled 146,147Sm–142,143Nd systematics in Eoarchean supracrustal rocks of the Inukjuak domain (Quebec) Guillaume Caro (CRPG-Nancy, France) reports the first comprehensive geochemical and isotopic data for a newly-discovered ca. 3.8 Gyr old supracrustal belt - dubbed "Ukaliq" - in the Inukjuak domain of northern Quebec.
  • Chemical and textural overprinting of ancient stromatolites: Timing,processes, and implications for their use as paleoenvironmental proxies Daniel Petrash, Kurt Konhauser and colleagues have reported the most detailed petrographic/geochemical study of the Gunflint Chert yet attempted, and there are some new caveats to old interpretations of this complex rock.
  • Thermal effects of impact bombardments on Noachian Mars (EPSL-Frontiers, invited review) Oleg Abramov and I have modeled the thermal fields due to different early impact scenarios of the crust of early Mars
  • Highly siderophile element abundances in Eoarchean komatiite and basalt protoliths We explore (with Elizabeth Frank, and Wolfgang Maier) whether the oldest ultramafic enclaves locked in Eoarchean gneiss complexes could be komatiites, and if they record progressive in-mixing of an HSE rich "Late Veneer".

    GEOL 1020: Introduction to Geology 1 (some years)
    GEOL 1020: Historical Geology & Earth System History (Fall 2016)
    ASTR/GEOL 2040: Search for Life in the Universe (next offered, Spring 2017)
    GEOL 4500: Critical Thinking in Earth Sciences: Origin of Life (some years)
    GEOL 4130: Introduction to Planetary Field Geology (next offered Maymester, 2017)
    GEOL 4700/5700: Archean and Proterozoic Geology (some years)
    GEOL 4330/5330: Cosmochemistry (next offered, Spring 2017)
    ASTR/ATOC/GEOL 5835: Planetary Seminar (some years)
    GEOL 5700: Special Topics: Geobiology (this course is being remade, and will likely be led by Prof. Seb Kopf, and co-taught by me along with Profs. Wing and Templeton)
    ASTR/GEOL 5130: Planetary Field Geology (next offered Fall, 2017 on the Big Island of Hawai'i)
    ASTR/GEOL 5800 Planetary Surfaces & Interiors (next offered Fall 2017)
    ASTR/ATOC/GEOL 5830: Geology, Age and Origin of the Moon (some years)

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