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    Stephen J. Mojzsis

    Professor of Geology & Geochemistry
    Department of Geological Sciences
    University of Colorado at Boulder
    Benson Earth Sciences
    2200 Colorado Avenue
    Boulder, Co. 80309
    office: 303-492-5014
    lab: 303-735-5021
    fax: (303) 492-2606


    --> Jonathan Oulton was awarded the 2015 LPSC Dwornik Award for Best Undergraduate Oral Presentation; Great work, Jon!
    --> Jennika Greer received the Hartmut and Rita Spetzler Research Grant; Way to go, Jennika!
    --> Dr. Elizabeth (Betsy) Swanner-Smith (co-advised with Alexis Templeton) is now an Assistant Professor of Geochemistry and Geobiology at Iowa State University
    --> Jennika Greer was chosen to attend the Nordic Astrobiology Network's Summer School in Iceland (
    --> Jennika Greer (MSc student) received the Association of Women Geoscientists Outstanding Student Award for 2015!
    --> Cole Pazar and Wilder Lavington both received UROP Fellowships in our laboratory
    --> Dr. Michelle Hopkins is a new faculty member at Santa Monica College (California)
    --> Dr. Elizabeth Frank is MESSENGER postdoctoral fellow at the DTM (Carnegie Institution of Washington, DC)

    RECENT WORK (published in 2015):

  • Tungsten isotope composition of the Acasta Gneiss Complex With Matthias Willbold at Manchester and Tim Elliot at Bristol, we have measured anomalous W isotopes in the world's oldest rocks (ca. 3.92-3.96 Ga).
  • A protracted timeline for lunar bombardment from mineral chemistry, Ti thermometry and U-Pb geochronology of Apollo 14 melt breccia zircons We describe new integrated data for lunar zircons that demonstrates that an "Early heavy bombardment" began about 4.25 Gyr ago, in line with the latest "Sawtooth" dynamical models.
  • Correlated chemostratigraphy of Mn-carbonate microbialites (Urkut, Hungary) In association with our close colleagues at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, we investigate the microbial origins of a peculiar Mn-carbonate ore.

  • Micrometer-scale U-Pb age domains in eucrite zircons, impact re-setting and the thermal history of the HED parent body Although meteoritic zircons are rare, they exist and can inform us about the very early thermal history of asteroids such as 4Vesta.

    GEOL 1020: Introduction to Geology 1 (some years)
    GEOL 1020: Historical Geology & Earth System History (next offered Fall, 2016)
    ASTR/GEOL 2040: Search for Life in the Universe (Spring 2017)
    GEOL 4500: Critical Thinking in Earth Sciences: Origin of Life (some years)
    GEOL 4700: Introduction to Planetary Field Geology (next offered Maymester, 2016)
    GEOL 4700/5700: Archean and Proterozoic Geology (some years)
    GEOL 4330/5330: Cosmochemistry (next offered Spring 2017)
    ASTR/ATOC/GEOL 5835: Planetary Seminar (some years)
    GEOL 5700: Special Topics: Geobiology (some years; co-taught with Prof. Templeton)
    ASTR/GEOL 5700: Planetary Field Geology (next offered Fall, 2016)
    ASTR/GEOL 5800 Planetary Surfaces & Interiors (next offered Fall 2017)
    ASTR/ATOC/GEOL 5830: Geology, Age and Origin of the Moon (some years)

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