ASTR/GEOL 4330/5330: Cosmochemistry

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Course Syllabus, Fall 2014

Problems 1
Problems 2

Lecture Notes (check your downloads folder after clinking on the link!):

Week 1 - brief overview of structure & chemistry of the solar system, introduction to nuclear chemistry, the first elements

Primer on the structure & evolution of stars (A. Bunker, Oxford)
Stellar structure & evolution (O.R. Pols, Utrecht)

Lecture 2 - He-burning, s-process, CNO-cycle, heavy elements

R-process nucleosynthesis in supernovae (Cowan and Thielemann, Physics Today 2004)

Lecture 3 - s- and r-process nucleosynthesis, prelude to the condensation sequence

The r-process in halo stars (J.J. Cowan, Univ. Oklahoma. presentation at Recontres de Blois, 2007)

Lecture 4 - finalize s- and r-process nucleosynthesis, condensation of the first solids

Useful and Interesting Supplementary Readings:

B^2FH "Synthesis of the elements in stars"
Arnould & Takahashi "Nuclear Astrophysics"
Prof. Bill White's class notes (Cornell University) on "Nucleosynthesis"
Nicolas Dauphas' treatment of the Th/U evolution of the Galaxy

Interesting Links To Check Out:

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